Sports and Gymkhana



  • The Gymkhana is another active section of the College. The Gymkhana Committee organises an orientation lecture for freshers to provide them with information on sports facilities in the College.
  • Experts from various sports bodies visit the College regularly to provide information and answer queries of the students.
  • Indoor Sports facilitated at the College include Air-rifle & Pistol shooting, Boxing, Carrom, Chess, Judo and Table Tennis. Of these, the most popular are Boxing, Judo and Shooting. Recognising this, the College has affiliated itself with the statutory bodies like Maharashtra Amateur Boxing Association (MABA), Bombay Judo Association (BJA) and Maharashtra State Rifle Association (MSRA).
  • The affiliation enables the students to avail of professional coaching on campus. Outdoor Sports facilitated by the College include Badminton, Football, Throw ball, Track & Field Events and Volleyball.
  • Consistent with the objective of promoting a sports culture among the students, the college has constituted a Gymkhana Committee and appointed a dedicated Physical Training Instructor.
  • The Instructor and the Committee identify talented students and facilitate training programmes for them. This has enabled the students to participate at the College, University, District, State and National level meets and earns many laurels.
  • Our College started Archery Training in the campus. A professional coach has been hired to train students seeking to learn Archery.
  • A tie-up has been initiated with Dominic Savio School for providing facilities¬†for outdoor sports like Football and Basketball.
  • MHADA ground near Meghwadi police station has been made available to students of the College for practicing Throw ball and Volleyball.
  • The Gymkhana is all geared up to commence¬†Body building, Powerlifting and Weightlifting in the near future.
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