Resources and Facilities

Systems and Procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical academic and support facilities   

The College has well defined mechanism for maintenance and utilization of physical resources as indicated below:


The College has entered into a contract for housekeeping staff and a gardener. Upkeep of the campus and facilities and maintenance of the flower beds are the responsibilities of the staff.A register is maintained to take prompt action in case of any complaint.


The timetable ensures that classrooms are available for the lectures. Timings of few programs are staggered to ensure availability of classrooms. Based on requirements of faculty members classrooms with mounted projectors and the audio visual room are allocated for lectures.

Computer Labs:

  • Technical support has been hired for maintenance of all the four labs.
  • A booking system is in place for:
  • laptops and portable projectors
  • Audio Visual Room and Auditorium
  • McAfee antivirus has been installed.
  • Six servers are under AMC.
  • Fortigate firewall has also been installed.

For replacement and purchase of additional equipment the College has constituted a Purchase Committee as prescribed by the affiliating university.


  • The College has duly constituted a Library Advisory Committee (LAC), which has student representatives from the aided and self financing sections.
  • The LAC:
    • Approves the annual library budget
    • Reviews the utilisation of the budget at regular intervals
    • Approves purchase of equipment for replacement or as new requirements.
  • To enhance the library resources:
    • Faculty members including visiting faculty recommend text and non-text books for the courses taught by them
    • Faculty members recommend journals and periodicals for subscription
    • Learners can also recommend books and other reading material
    • The Library proactively also gets latest editions and new volumes of books for approval from suppliers
  • Maintenance of the library resources:
    • AMC for the SLIM21 Software
    • Pest control at regular intervals
    • Physical stock taking annually during vacations
  • Utilization of library resources:
    • In the beginning of the academic year, library orientation sessions for the learners of the first year UG and PG programs are conducted by the Librarian to
      • Create awareness about the library resources
      • Familiarize learners with the Do’s and Dont’s w.r.t. the use of library resources and the Reading Hall
    • Library maintains a register to record the number of walk-ins.
    • Bay guides are provided at the entrance and on the book shelves to help users locate the required resources.
    • Open access to the shelves in the library
    • Display of jackets of new arrivals
    • Display of books on occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Marathi Bhasha Diwas, World Environment Day

Sports facilities:

  • The College has duly constituted the Gymkhana Committee.
  • Maintenance:
    • AMCs for the equipment and weapons
  • Utilization:
    • In the beginning of the academic year, Sports orientation sessions for the learners of the first year UG and PG programs are conducted by the Physical Education Instructor to:
      • Create awareness about the sports facilities
      • Familiarize learners with the Do’s and Dont’s w.r.t. the use of sports facilities.

Student representatives are proactive in ensuring that all issues are brought to the notice of the concerned authorities at the earliest and matters are resolved.

1) Classrooms & Project Room:

There are twenty-six classrooms spread over four floors. The larger rooms can accommodate 120 students, which are used for the lectures of the Junior College and B.Com. Aided Course, and the smaller rooms with a seating capacity of 75 are used for the lectures of the Programs of the Self Financing Section of the Degree College. The layout ensures ventilation and flow of day light. All the classrooms are connected by LAN and some have mounted projectors.

The project room is used by students for discussions and preparations for presentations and project work.

2) Computer Laboratories & Network Resource Centre:

There are four computer laboratories with 30 systems each. Two of the labs have thin client-based systems and two have standalone systems. One of the labs with 30 thin client-based systems has been set up under the UGC’s Network Resource Centre scheme.

3) Library & Reading Hall:

The Library of the College is on the fourth floor and:
Uses Slim21 software. Allows open access. Has a collection of over 20000 books including text and non-text. Subscribes to around 30 journals of repute. Subscribes to ProQuest and NList databases. Has a multi-media section. Subscribes to 11 newspapers. Subscribes to relevant magazines.
The library has a spacious reading hall. There is also an attached Research Room with standalone computers, internet connection and printing facility. Reprographic facility is also provided.To know more about College Library click here


4) Audio Visual Room

The airconditioned audio visual room has a seating capacity of 100. It is equipped with a standalone computer system, internet connectivity, mounted projector and screen for projection. Presentations by students, conferences/seminars/workshops and meetings with the faculty members and staff are conducted in the AV room.

5) Faculty Room and Huddle Room

The faculty room of the College occupies pride of place among the facilities. Independent workspace with computer and internet connectivity has been provided for every faculty member of the degree and junior college. There are cabins for the Vice Principals of the junior and degree college. Space has been provided for visiting faculty as well. There is a pantry and a sick bay with phlebectomy chair.

Inside the staff room, there is a huddle room, which is used for departmental meetings and meetings with small groups of students and with parents.

staff room

6) Administrative Office

The administrative office is spacious and easily accessible for students and visitors.

7) Common Rooms

There are two spacious and well-ventilated common rooms, one each for boys and girls.

8) Facilities for the Differently abled

Ramp at the entrance, railings along the stairways, lift, wheelchairs, specially designed washroom on the ground floor, special seating in the library, canteen and in the classroom based on needs are some of the facilities for the differently abled persons in the campus. The HEPSN Cell undertakes initiatives and activities for the benefit of the differently abled and to address their needs.

9) Conference Room

The Conference Room adjoining the Principal’s cabin is used for meetings of the Advisory Committee, School Committee, IQAC and staff meetings. There is an attached dining room.

10) IQAC Room

There is a room for the IQAC set up with the funds received from the UGC for the purpose. There is storage and a standalone computer with printing facility.

11) Canteen

The Canteen of the College is on the ground floor. It is pleasant and airy.

12) Counselling Room

The College has been offering general/psychological and career counselling free of cost to students since the academic year 2010-2011. The counselling room is in a secluded part and it ensures privacy to the students who wish to meet the counsellor.

13) Auditorium

‘Prabhu Manch’, the airconditioned auditorium of the College is on the ground floor. It has a seating capacity of 220, with a large stage, mounted projector, screens for projection and two separate green rooms for men and women. Meetings with parents, conferences/seminars/workshops, the annual prize distribution function and cultural events are conducted in Prabhu Manch.


14) Office of the Physical Education Instructor

The gymkhana office on the ground floor also has a computer system and a printer.

15) Gymnasium

The Gymnasium has the equipment necessary for workouts to stay healthy. The facility is offered free of cost to girl students and staff and at a nominal fee for boys. Changing rooms are provided.

16) Rifle Shooting Range

Tolani College is one of the very few institutions in Mumbai that have a Rifle Shooting Range of international standards. University competitions are hosted in the range.

17) Others

Separate space has been provided for the following:

Tolani Cooperative Store and Alumni
College Women Development Cell (C.W.D.C.) and Equal Opportunity Centre (E.O.C.)
Spacious foyers on the first and second floors are used for physical education related sessions for the students of junior college and also for practice of boxing and judo.




Audio Visual Room


Conference Room



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