National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Annual Quality Assurance Report (A.Q.A.R)

AQAR 2020-2021

AQAR Report 2020-2021

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Part A 

 Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Extended Profile 3.2

Sanctioned Post Aided 2020-2021
Sanctioned Post Self-financing 2020-2021

Part B

1.3.1 : Addressing Cross-Cutting Values through Courses across the Programs

2.3.1 : Activity Reports

2.6.1 : Program and Course outcomes of the Program offered by the institution

2.6.3 : Average pass percentage of Students during last five years

2.7.1 : Online student satisfaction survey related to teaching learning process

3.2.1 : Initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge

3.2.2 : Workshops / Seminars conducted during the year

3.4.1 : Extension activities

3.4.3 & 3.4.4 : Number of extension and outreach Programmes conducted

4.1.2 : Facilities for Cultural Activities,Sports and Games

4.2.3 : Expenditure for purchase of books/e-books and subscription to journals/e- journals during the year

4.4.2 : Systems and Procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

5.3.2 : Institution facilitates students representation and engagement in various administrative,co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

6.2.1 : Perspective Plan

6.3.3 : Professional development /administrative training programs organized by the institution

6.5.3 : Quality assurance initiatives of the institution

7.1.1 : Annual gender sensitization action plan

7.2.1 : Best Practices of the Institution

7.1.9 : Sensitization of students and employees of the institution to the Constitutional obligations

7.3.1 : Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust

NAAC First Cycle Re-Accreditation Certificate

NAAC Second Cycle Re-Accreditation Certificate

NAAC Third Cycle Re-Accreditation Certificate

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