Governing Body

The vision of Tolani College of Commerce is guided by a Governing Body. This body comprises eminent persons who are committed to the success of the College and share the vision that led to the founding of the College.  The Governing Body prioritizes the goals of the College, approves the financial plans, decides on strategic issues and makes policy decisions.

While the Principal of the College is vested with full authority to make all operating decisions, the Principal is provided counsel by the Governing body collectively and by its members individually as needed. The Body also provides counsel to the Advisory Committee, College Development Cell and the School Committee.


  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik-Tolani
  2. Mr. Rohet N. Tolani
  3. Dr. Govind S. Shahani
  4. Mr. Adhiraj Harish
  5. Mr. Prashant Hingorani

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee comprises academicians, senior executives from industry and Principal of the College.  The role of the Committee is to steer the College academic policy, guide the execution of academic initiatives and monitor the effectiveness of the College academic system. The Committee also deliberates on financial and administrative matters of the College.


1.  Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik – Tolani – Chairperson
2. Dr. Govind S. Shahani – Secretary
3. Mr. R. Kumar – Member
4. Dr. Vijaya Krishna (Principal) – Ex-Officio Member

College Development Committee

In compliance to the provisions in the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, which came into effect in 2017, College has set up the College Development Committee (CDC).

For full text of the Act click here:

Maharashtra Public University Act 2016 in English

Maharashtra Public University Act 2016 in Marathi


  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik-Tolani: Chairperson (Chairperson, Tolani Education Society)
  2. Dr. Govind S. Shahani: Member (Secretary, Tolani Education Society)
  3. Dr. Vasudev P. Iyer: Member Nominated by the Principal (Head of the Department, Business Economics)
  4. Dr. Hema Mehta: Member Representative, Teaching Staff (Assistant Professor, Business Law)
  5. Ms. Jyoti Ghosh: Member Representative, Teaching Staff (Assistant Professor, Commerce)
  6. Ms. Rashmi Agashe: Member Representative, Non-Teaching Staff
  7. Dr. Madhav Welling: Local Member from the field of Education
  8. Dr. Vivek Patkar: Local Member from the field of Research
  9.  Mr. Bhagat Negi: Local Member from the field of Industry (Alumnus of the College)
  10. Ms. Yasmin Bhadha: Local Member from the field of Social Service
  11. President of the College Students’ Council
  12. Secretary of the College Students’ Council
  13. Dr. Vijaya Krishna: Member – Secretary, Principal of the College

School Committee

This Committee has been constituted as per the requirement of the Secondary School Code of the Government of Maharashtra. The committee consists of the Principal, the Vice Principal and representatives from the Management and the Junior College Faculty.  The objectives of the School Committee are to review, guide and monitor the academic and other programs, discuss the budget and deliberate on any other matters related to the Junior College.


  • Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik-Tolani: Chairperson, Tolani Education Society: President, Governing Body
  • Dr. Govind S. Shahani: Secretary, Tolani Education Society: Member, Governing Body nominee
  • Dr. Vijaya Krishna: Principal, Tolani College of Commerce: Ex-officio Secretary
  • Dr. Vasudev P. Iyer: Vice-Principal, Self-financing Section, Degree College: Member, Governing Body Nominee
  • Ms. Navjit Segue: Vice-Principal, Junior College: Member, Governing Body Nominee
  • Ms. Soniya Agrawal: Teacher Representative, Seniority-wise by Annual Rotation

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In pursuance of the recommendations of UGC and NAAC, the College has set up the IQAC for as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure.


1)  Dr. Vijaya Krishna (Principal, Head, Department of Commerce & Chairperson)

2)  Dr. Govind S. Shahani (Management Representative)

3) Dr. Vasudev P. Iyer (Vice-Principal, Self-financing Section, Academic Advisor & Head, Department of Business Economics)

4) Dr. Hema Mehta

5) Ms. Rasmita Mohanty (Librarian)

6) Ms. Ritu J. Kamra (Registrar)

7) Dr.Navin Punjabi (Nominee from Alumni)

8) Dr. Suzan Sodder (Nominee from Stakeholders)

9) Mr. Rahul Yadav (T.Y.B.Com. student, A.Y. 2020-2021) (Student Representative)

10) Ms. Alisha Henriques (T.Y.B.Com. (A. & F.) student, A.Y. 2020-2021) (Student Representative)

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