Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (D.L.L.E.)

Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension [D.L.L.E.] of University of Mumbai was established on October 12, 1978 and has been recognized as a Statutory Department of the University since 1994 to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community.

The D.L.L.E of University of Mumbai, with the diverse academic and technical resources, supports the communities based extension work activities in collaboration with its specific mandate to work for the less privileged sections of the society and its efforts are to extend educational programs that will enhance and improve the quality of life of such groups with the central objective of “reach to unreached”.

To facilitate student’s engagement with the society and to give them an opportunity to become sensitive citizens, the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension Unit of Tolani College of Commerce was established in the academic year 2010-11.


The students of the DLLE Unit of the College undertake extension work projects and perform a wide range of activities focussing on various social issues / problems such as Saving the Girl Child, Pollution, Aids, Global Warming, Environment, Tree Plantation, Importance of Education, Illiteracy, Child Labour, Dowry Deaths, Malnutrition, Watershed Management etc. The students create awareness about these social problems / issues through activities such as Street Plays, Exhibitions, Posters, Songs, Speeches, Surveys, Elocution, Seminars & Conferences.

There are six types of Extension Work Projects offered by the Department under two different units for enhancing the employability and Information Technology (I.T.)  skills of the students. The projects are as given below:

  1. I) Vocational Career Oriented Projects
  2. Career Project [C.P]
  3. Industry Orientation Project [I.O.P]
  4. Anna Poorna Yojana [A.P.Y]
  5. II) Community Oriented Projects
  6. Population Education Club (P.E.C)
  7. Survey of Women’s Status (S.W.S)
  8. National Institute of Open Schooling (N.I.O.S)

Students who enroll for the Life Long Learning & Extension are awarded ten additional marks at the final examination in an academic year on completion of 120 hours of work on the Extension Work Projects undertaken by them and submission of the Project Report in accordance with the University Ordinance 229.A

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