College Women Development Cell (C.W.D.C.)

In response to the Vishaka Judgment passed by the Supreme Court in 1997, University of Mumbai set up the ‘University Women Development Cell (UWDC)’ in 2001 with the key purpose of making the University a gender-sensitive space. The University also directed all its affiliated colleges to set up a ‘Women Development Cell’ at the college level.
In compliance with this directive of the University, the Women Development Cell of Tolani College of Commerce was set up in the year 2006-07.
A variety of activities and initiatives are undertaken by the Cell:

  • to create a safe campus for the lady students and staff
  • to address cases of sexual harassment, if any
  • to create awareness about the challenges faced by women including health related issues, women’s right and empowerment

Members of College Women Development Cell (CWDC)

Name Designation Email ID
Dr. Vijaya Krishna Principal –
Ex-Officio President
Ms. Jyoti Ghosh Assistant Professor – Convener (Nominated by the Principal)
Dr. Vasudev Iyer Vice-Principal – SFC – Associate Professor – Member (Nominated by the Principal)
Ms.Laxmi Pandya (Community Work Coordinator) – Teaching Representative
Mr.Murugan Nadar (D.L.L.E Representative) – Teaching Representative
Ms. Shruti Dalvi Representative – Administrative Staff
Mr.Mahendra Pawar Representative – Administrative Staff
Ms. Anita Varganti Non-teaching staff – Member (Nominated by the Principal)
Ms. Yojana Bayangolkar Non-teaching staff – Member (Nominated by the Principal)
Ms. Reshma Jagtap SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) – Representative of NGO
Mr. Harish Sadani MAVA (Men Against Violence and Abuse) – Representative of NGO
One woman student representative To be nominated after student council

Activities Reports

Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity

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