College Policy with reference to Gender Equity and Prevention of Sexual Harassment

The College Management, faculty members and staff adopt a zero tolerance stance towards sexual harassment. The College adopts inclusive practices and provides a safe environment for the students, faculty members, staff and all the stakeholders and visitors. “To impart education that is secular, gender neutral and sensitive to societal needs and concerns” is one of the stated goals of the Institution.  Keeping this into consideration, the policy of the College with reference to gender equity and prevention of sexual harassment is enumerated by the following points:
  1. The College should ensure a safe environment for the students, faculty members, staff and visitors. Any threat should be viewed very seriously.
  2. The College authorities should follow an open-door policy to encourage the stakeholders to approach.
  3.  Measures for prevention and deterrence should be adopted.
  4. The College should always adopt gender agnostic practices.
  5. Any instances of harassment, exploitation or unfairness should be firmly dealt in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Government/UGC/University of Mumbai.
  6. Appropriate processes have to be followed for dealing with any reported cases of harassment.
  7. Both the parties, the alleged offender and the offended should be given the opportunity to explain and present their case in a non-threatening environment
  8. Matters of sexual harassment and any other complaints of exploitation should be treated with utmost confidentiality.
  9. Till the case is resolved, it should be kept in mind that it is only an allegation and the alleged offender should be treated with respect and as per the legal provisions.
  10. Appropriate legal procedures have to be followed and nobody should take law into their hands.
  11. Measures for CCTV surveillance should be adopted. CCTV camera should be installed at strategic locations keeping in mind the need for privacy. It should be ensured that the CCTV cameras are in working condition and adequate back-up of the camera feed has to be ensured.

Internal Committee(IC)

The Internal Committee (IC) has been set up specifically for dealing with cases of sexual harassment.

Girl Students having a complaint or suggestion can make use of the Sakhi Box installed in the GIRLS’ COMMON ROOM (Room No. 309 on the 3rd Floor).

Members of Internal Committee

Internal Committee Designation



Email ID

Presiding Officer

Ms. Shalini Hemanthkumar

Vice-Principal – 

Aided Section 

(Associate Professor)

Faculty Member 1

Ms. Mehrunnisa Ansari

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member 2

Dr. Hema Mehta

Assistant Professor

Non-teaching Member 1

Ms. Ritu Kamra


Non-teaching Member 2

Ms. Rashmi Agashe

Junior Clerk / Typist

Student Undergraduate

To be elected

Student Postgraduate

To be elected

External Member

Ms. Reshma Jagtap

SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)