The Internal Quality Assurance Cell has been constituted to plan, monitor and make recommendations on matters related to quality enhancement and its sustenance in the functioning of the Degree College. The Cell has been constituted as per the guidelines of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

      It comprises representatives from the Management, Faculty, Administrative staff and the Principal. The IQAC ensures quality enhancement and its sustenance through and with the help of three sub-cells namely, the Academic Cell, the Administrative Cell and the Extra-curricular activity Cell.

Composition of I.Q.A.C. for A.Y. 2020-2021 is as follows -:

Dr. Vijaya Krishna (Principal) , Chairperson

Dr. G.S. Shahani (Secretary, Tolani Education Society)

Ms. J. Shalini Hemanth Kumar (Vice Principal, Aided Section) IQAC Coordinator

Dr. Vasudev P. Iyer (Vice Principal, Self Financing Section)

Dr. Hema Mehta (Assistant Professor, Business Law)

Dr. Leena Nair (B. Com [A.&F.] Program Coordinator)

Ms. Ritu Kamra (Registrar)

Ms. Rasmita Mohanty  (Librarian)

Dr. Navin Punjabi (Vice Principal HR College of Commerce) (Alumni)

Mr. Rahul Yadav (T.Y.B.Com. student, A.Y. 2020-21)(Student Representative)

Ms. Alisha Henriques [T.Y.B.Com. (A & F) student, A.Y. 2020-21] (Student Representative)