Razzmatazz is a two day Annual College festival organised by the students of various associations and students council in December. This festival gives an opportunity to the students of the entire College to interact and socialize with each other.

The highlight of the festival is Jashn, an entertainment programme presented by the Talent Pool. Traditional Day is also celebrated along with other programmes like personality competition, street play and a food festival.

An Exhibition cum sale of handicrafts made by the children of Sanjay Nagar, an area adopted by the College, is held during the festival.


Razzmatazz 2015-2016
The two day college festival Razzmatazz was organized in the College premises on 21st and 22rd December 2015.Various events which took place under the auspices of Razzmatazz were as follows: 
Day 1 : The foyer was beautifully decorated to enhance the festive mood. The festival was officially inaugurated by the Principal by unfurling the banner. After this, the College students presented an inaugural program replete with dances and songs. Sari and Tie day as well as Rose day was organized by the Students Council. The announcements of the Rose Queen and Rose King preceded the Personality Competition which was conducted in the Prabhu Manch auditorium. In a surprising move, our first year students won the title of Mr. Tolani and Ms. Tolani. The Cultural Association under the auspices of AGON organized various intra-collegiate activities which were spread over the two days.
Day 2: The day began on a sweet note with distribution of chocolates on the occasion of Chocolate day. This was followed by a colorful Traditional Day Competition which was organized for staff as well as students. Dawaat, the food festival was organized on the ground floor wherein students put up counters for sale of delicacies prepared by them which were enjoyed by staff and students. This has been a tradition in our college for encouraging entrepreneurship among students. It was a profitable venture for our budding businessmen.
Jashn and Sanskruti showcase the talents of our students. Songs, skit, dances representing the Marathi culture as well as other dance forms were beautifully executed by the students. This show was performed in the Prabhu Manch Auditorium.
Overall, the festival was well received by all. There was overwhelming participation in all the events. It was an entertaining prelude to the Christmas break.

Razzmatazz 2014-2015

22nd  December & 23rd December ,2014

Razzmatazz 2014-2015 held on 22ndand 23rdDecember,2014.It was a fun-filled affair with students and faculty coming together for various events.



Razzmatazz 2013-2014

21stDecember,2013 :  Inauguration of the festival

                                          College Rock Band Live

                                          Rose Day Celebration

                                          Personality Contest

23rdDecember,2013 : Chocolate day Celebrations

                                          Traditional Day

                                          Food Festival-Daawat



Razzmatazz 2011-2012

Razzmatazz 2011-2012 held on 22ndand 23rdDecember,2011.It was a fun-filled affair with students and faculty coming together for various events.


22ndDecember,2011 : Inauguration of the festival

                                          College Rock Band Live

                                          Rose Day Celebrations

                                          Traditional Day with Traditional Dress Competition

                                          Personality Contest

23rdDecember,2011 : Chocolate day Celebrations

                                          Sari and Tie Day


                                          Food Festival-Daawat