Academic Year 2018-19

An Industrial Visit to Silvassa was organized by Tolani College of commerce on 24th January 2019. The visit covered two industries Viz. – Sudhir Gensets Limited and Bombay Rayons Fashion Limited.

There were a total of 43 students from the S.Y and T.Y classes from the BMS, BAF and BFM departments. The college reporting time was 6:30 am and the expedition commenced at 7:10 am.

Upon reaching Sudhir Gensets limited, the students were divided into two groups with a teacher accompanying each group. Each group was headed by one industry personnel to give insights about the functioning of the machinery in the industry. The industry personnel explained how each and every process is undertaken for producing a generator.

He also stated how Sudhir Gensets outsources some of the machinery parts of the generator from Cummins India, and Sudhir Gensets only assembles the parts and sells it under its name –  Sudhir. It specializes in Diesel Generators and can produce upto 50 generators in a day.

The visit at Bombay Rayons began at around 4:00 pm. Bombay Rayons is a textile company, the visit was about acquainting how the fabric is manufactured out of thread and how different machinery works together to weave  batches of thread to make desired quality and style of fabric.

Bombay Rayons, specializes in linen material, pure cotton and polyester. The students were given an insight on the wrapping concept which is basically how the thread is wrapped in bunches of 100 meter.

The second stage was how a single thread is manually put in to healed frames and healed wires. Students were shown 15 to 20 looms in which fabrics were manufactured.