1.  Ms.Roma Kukreja

 2.  Ms.Kajal Ramchandani

 3.  Ms.Hema Mehta

Organising Committee:

Chairperson:Govinda Wadhwani

Vice Chairperson:Divya Dangwani

General Secretary:.Heesha Tejwani

Treasurer:.Simran Pahuja


Recent Activities

10th April, 2017

The WORLD SINDHI LANGUAGE DAY which falls on 10th April was celebrated in our college .The entire college participated in the celebration.
The celebrations included a group song by the entire office staff,a skit played to guide the new generation to learn their own language,a presentation by Ms Kajal Ramchandani on Romanised Sindhi to enable sindhi learning and speaking to be simplified and also spread worldwide.
This was followed by the playing of the AV of the videos of the nursery rhymes made by our own students . Ms.Usha .P.from the office presented  a sindhi prayer.
The program ended with the singing of the National Anthem followed by distribution of sweets.


7th January, 2017

Short Story Writing

A Short Story Writing Competition was held on 07/01/2017.
The theme on which the participants were required to write a story was a based on a Value-IMANDARI- KAMYABI JI KUNJI 
(MEANING-Honesty – the key to success)
There were 4 participants
The prize winner is 
Simran Pahuja-F.Y.J.C (B)

16th December, 2016

Intercollegiate Competition in Sindhi (Skit & Dance) held at Jai Hind College

The Sindhi students of Tolani college had participated at the intercollegiate competition -HOJMALO-held at Jaihind college on 16/12/2016.
13 students had participated in the SKIT in Sindhi   as well as GROUP  DANCE on a  Sindhi song.They won a Consolation prize for both. The list of the students who participated are as follows:


Simran Pahuja              FYJC-B

Bhoomi Gupta              FYJC-B

Harashita Dhudani       FY.BMS

Barkha Dawra              FY.BMS

Pooja Bhawnani           FY.BAF

Jayraj Nagpal               FYJC-E


Govinda Wadhwani     M.COM(I)

Divya Dangwani          SYJC-B

Arjun Lalchandani       SYJC-B

Heesha Tejwani          FYJC-B

Aditya Sharma            SYJC-E

Samit Shinde              FYJC-B 

Vranda Punjabi           FYJC-E

Jayraj Nagpal              FYJC-E

Simran pahuja.           FYJC-B

3rd December, 2016


n 03/12/2016 GAMES were organised for the non -sindhi students of junior college.The sindhi students organised the games and 84 non sindhi students participated.

1) The first game was four corners .Each corner was given the name of a sindhi festival.

2)The second game was Number game.(elimination round) .
3) The third game was passing the parcel.Every student who was eliminated was asked to pick up a chit and speak the sindhi sentence(written in English script). After they spoke the sentence they were explained its meaning.
The winners of the games 
1st-Chirag Paliwal   SYJC-A
2nd -Komal Jain      FYJC A

30th September, 2016

Essay Writing COmpetition

Essay writing competition on ‘‘Thadri’a Sindhi festival was held on 30/9/2016.The participants were given the topic on the spot and were given 30 minutes  to write the essay.There were 6 participants.

The prize winners are as follows:

1st- Simran Pahuja -FYJC-B

2nd-Divya Dangwani-SYJC-B

23rd August, 2016

Make A Video competition


Make A Video competition was held at the Intercollegiate (international level)  by Sindhi Sangat 
and also  intracollegiate level.It was based on videos to be made on Sindhi nursery rhymes already sung in sindhi language on the Sindhi Sangat website. The videos could be made Live or Animated. 5 students participated from junior and degree college .
Prize winner at international intercollegiate level
     Heesha Tejwani  from F.Y.J.C-B 
She has secured the third position and she is the only one from Mumbai  who has won the prize .
Prize winners at intracollegiate level
1st-Heesha Tejwani-F.Y.J.C-B
2nd-Simran Pahuja-F.Y.J.C-B
3rd-Samit Shinde-F.Y.J.C-B

12th April, 2016

Celebration of World Sindhi Language Day

The WORLD SINDHI LANGUAGE DAY which falls on 10th April was celebrated in our college .The entire college participated in the celebration.
The celebrations included a talk on Sindhi language,its origin and progress into various script.Sindhi songs were played and sung and a PPT on the Sindhi new year was presented.
The program ended with the singing of the National Anthem followed by distribution of sweets.

15th February, 2016

The Sindhi Circle had conducted two competitions on 15/2/2016 on the Theme ENVIRONMENT
1.Best Out Of Waste competition
   The participants were given 45 minutes to make something creative.they had carried their own material.
There were 10 participants
The names of the winners are
1st Manvir Kaur
2nd Ritika Pandey
3rd Rajvi Gami.
2.Presentation on Environment Issues
   The participants were given 5 mins each for the presentation .
    There were 5 participants .
The names of the winners are 
1st-Sapna Yadav
2nd-Supriya Udupa.
Both the competitions were judged by Savaria Wadhwani -an Ex student of Tolani college.


5th February, 2016

Short Story Writing Competition

There were 9 participants.An outline story line was given and they had to develop a story around it write it in 45 minutes,
The stories were judged by Ms.Kajal Ramchandani.
The prize winners are 
1st- Ms.Laveena Gurwani
2nd-Ms.Divya Kataria


09th September, 2015

Debate Competition

The topic for Debate was – "sindhi food healthy & nutritious or not"(In Sindhi Language).

There were 4 Participants.The competition was judged by Ms Leena Nair (faculty from Degree college).

The best speakers who won are-Ms.Hema Bhagchandani

                                              Ms.Hemlata Wadhwani


4th August, 2015

Elocution Competition



There were 7 participants.each participant  was given 5 minutes to speak.
Prize Winners:
1st-Ms.Divya Kataria
2nd-Ms.Arti Gurwani.

13th February, 2014

Quiz competition

There were 8 students present.2 conducted the competition and the remaining   were divided in 3 teams with  2 students in each team
There was an elimination round( 1st round) and then a second round with 2 remaining teams.
The winning team are:-
Mr Govinda Wadhwani (


Ms Srishti Hinduja  (fyjc)

11th December, 2013

Short Story Writing Competition

An  outline of a story was given to the participants. they had to frame the story based on the outline.45 minutes were given to them for the same.
Participants- degree and junior college students.10 participants
The stories were read and judged by the sindni teacher MS Kajal Ramchandani.
Tthe prize winners are as follows :-
1st –  Ms Prerna Dangwani
2nd – Mr Savaria Wadhwani
14th December, 2013
Elocution Competetion
An Elocution Competetion was held on the topic 'How can we save our Sindhi language from becoming extinct?' (in Sindhi language)
The competion was jugdged by a sindhi alumini Mr. Sagar Ahuja
There were 10 participants.
The prize winners are as follows :-
1st – MS Hema Bhagchandani
2nd – Mr Savaria Wadhwani
3rd – Ms. harsha wadhwani
19th December, 2013
Debate competetion

Topic- 'Is the future of the sindhi language bright or bleak?' ( in sindhi language)
There were 10 participants, 5 were in favour of the topic and 5 were against
The competetion was jugdged by an alumini Mr. itesh Chhabria and Ms. Usha Punwani (office staff)
The prize winners are as follows :-
Best speaker (in favour) Ms Karishma Ahuja
Best speaker (against) Ms Harsha Wadhwani

27th November, 2013

Presentation & workshop on "romanised sindhi script". A new script in sindhi to read and write the language.

The presentation was held by Ms. KAJAL RAMCHANDANI

There were 20 participants which included students, alumni,teaching &non teaching staff of college



9th October, 2013

The Sindhi circle had organised a movie show in Sindhi (Name of the movie- Abana) Based on the struggle of the Sindhi community after Independence.


13th September, 2013

Power Point Presentation on Sindhi Festivals.Judges invited were our Alumni Ms Neeti Hitesh Chhatwani and Ms Gayatri Mahesh Ahuja.

The prize winners are as follows 
1st Ms Hema Bhagchandani-FYJC
2nd Ms Neha Valecha-M.COM
3rd MR Vikram Chhabria-SYJC

24th August, 2013

Sindhi Circle  organized a workshop on KIRIGAMI (A Japanese Paper Art – Paper folding & cutting art that turns a single paper into a 3D Object)for Sindhi Circle . The workshop was conducted by our alumni Mr Naresh Punshi from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.


04th January, 2013

Quiz Competition

The prize winners are as follows-

Group –

Neelam Jovharani, Malika Balani,

Arti Gurwani, Divya Kataria      


24th August, 2012

Crossword puzzle

The prize winners are as follows-





12th October, 2012

Debate  Competition

The prize winners are as follows-





13th October, 2012

Essay Writing Competition

The prize winners are as follows-





15th October, 2012

Poetry  Recitation Competition

The prize winners are as follows-





16th October, 2012

Short Story Writing Competition

The prize winners are as follows-





17th October, 2012

Elocution Competition

The prize winners are as follows-




December 09,2011

Debat Competition

Prize Winners:

1st Wadhwani Govinda

2nd Kataria Divya

September 23, 2011

Poetry Recitation Competition

Prize Winners:

1st – Prerna Dangwani 

2nd – Divya Kataria

July 27, 2011

Letter Writing Competition

Prize Winners:

1st – Kavita Setpal

2nd – Rakhee Wadhwa