What was the aggregate percentage cut off for admission in the Academic Year 2014-15 in the general category?



AIDED – 71.64%
UNAIDED – 71.45%


AIDED – 78.80%
UNAIDED – 77.60%

FYBAF     –      71.83

FYBMS    –      72.83
FYBBI      –      59.33
FYBScIT  –     45.83
FYBFM   –       47.67



What was the pass Percentage for the Academic Year 2011-2012?



AIDED        –  100 %

UNAIDED  –  95.10%

Are there any other courses at the College that I can do concurrently with my regular courses?

You can concurrently pursue courses in: Computer Application, Computer Programming, Computer Hardware, Tally Software, Public Speaking and Personality Development, Personal Taxation.

What are the subjects offered at the Junior College level?

  • English
  • Hindi/French*/Marathi/Sindhi
  • Organisation of Commerce
  • Economics
  • Environmental Studies
  • Book-keeping and Accountancy
  • Mathematics*/Secretarial Practice
  • Information Technology

* Admission to the limited number of seats are based on merit

What are the fees for the different courses offered by the College?

Fees prescribed by the Deputy Director of Education/University of Mumbai are as follows:


Total amount (inclusive of Fees and Deposits, in Rs.)

F.Y.J.C./ S.Y.J.C


F.Y.J.C. ( I.T.) / S.Y.J.C. ( I.T.) 12000/12000

F.Y.B.Com. / S.Y.B.Com. / T.Y.B.Com.

4915/4295/4345 (for open category)
445/445/695 (for reserved category)

F.Y.B.M.S. / S.Y.B.M.S. / T.Y.B.M.S.


F.Y.B.A.F. / S.Y.B.A.F. / T.Y.B.A.F.


F.Y.B.B.I. / S.Y.B.B.I. / T.Y.B.B.I.


F.Y.B.F.M. / S.Y.B.F.M ./ T.Y.B.F.M. 16915/15895/17145
F.Y.B.Sc.IT. / S.Y.B.Sc.IT. / T.Y.B.Sc.IT. 22515/21995/23945




1. The amounts shown above are subject to periodic revision by the authorities
2. The amount is payable by Cheque/Demand Draft drawn in favour of  "Tolani College of Commerce" or in cash.

What are the extra-curricular activities that I can participate in at the College?

The College provides the students a platform to showcase their talents in sports, cultural, arts, social and literary activities. For more information see Campus Life.

Other than routine classroom teaching, how does the faculty contribute to a student’s development and enrichment?

The faculty follows an open door policy. They are accessible to the students beyond their routine teaching hours for guidance and counselling on academics and other matters. The College organises presentations, lectures by professionals from academia and the industry, group discussions, mock interviews, mock trading, screening of movies, field trips and industrial visits.

How does the College cater to slow learners?

Our experienced faculty identifies such students who are encouraged to attend remedial classes.

What are the optional subjects offered in B.Com.?

Optional subjects are not offered in F.Y.B.Com. In S.Y.B.Com. students choose one of the following:

  • Advertising
  • Company Secretarial Practice
  • Mass Communication
  • Travel and Tourism

In T.Y.B.Com. students are offered specialisation in Accounts or Management. In addition to this, students have to choose from the following subjects (applied components):

  • Computer Systems and Applications
  • Direct and Indirect Taxation
  • Export Marketing
  • Marketing Research

Does the College help the students in getting jobs and how?

Yes, see the Career and Placements section of this website..  

Does the College offer any Post Graduate Course?

Yes, M.Com. with specialisation in Advanced Accounting and Business Management, see Post Graduate Courses.

Does the College provide any financial assistance to the students?

The College awards Scholarships, both merit and need based.

What is the academic track record of the College at the Board/University level?

The academic track record has been outlined in Achievements.

How does the College keep academically updated?

The College continuously adds to its collection of books in the Library, encourages Faculty Development and organises Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures for students.