English Literary Association has been functional for years with varied activities in the categories of  creative writing, extempore, debate, word games , movie shows, skit competitions etc. in English.

Students are also encouraged and awarded suitably for contributing write-ups, poems , sketches, newspaper cuttings etc. for displaying on the notice board on the first floor  maintained by the E.L.A. office bearers on a weekly basis.

Convenor :

Mrs. Geetha Ganesh


Mrs. Soniya Agrawal

Ms. Femina Amin


Aakash Pattanayak – SYJC A

Aniket Salgaonkar – SYJC E

Deeksha Singh – SYJC C

Emmanuel Lobo – SYJC D

Komal Sharma – SYJC C

Misbah Shaikh – SYJC A

Munira Tashrifwala – SYJC E

Pranali Vinherkar – SYJC C

Ritika Pandey – SYJC D

Sapna Yadav – SYJC D

Trevor Baretto – SYJC E

Recent Activities :

22nd October, 2016


Amidst a large gathering of 250 students with 5 resource persons who embody success , hardwork
and talent ,the comprehensive event , ‘ career meet’ was held on 22 nd October ,2016 in our auditorium
from 2.00-5.00 p.m.
Firstly , Mr.Parth Khandelwal (C.A,C.S,F.R.M.) started with his very much interesting and
interactive talk , explaining the various professional courses like C.A.,C.S. C.F.A.,C.P.A. and some
international courses related to accounts and finance.
The program was then carried on by advocate Mr.Saurabh Mehta (B.L.S.,L.L.B). The useful talk
conducted by him covered almost all the areas of law and cleared many doubts of the students
regarding the professional field of law.
Miss Musarrat Khan , holder of a diploma in advertising and a degree of M.Com. gave a brief
explanation of career in teaching profession and then continued her motivational talk by explaining the
career options in advertising& media sector.
Miss Bibianna Gonsalves (B.COM,M.B.A) came with her informative talk and almost covered all
the important aspects of masters degree in business administration. She explained the profession in so
much detail that all the doubts and confusions regarding the profession got cleared the sectors of
Banking & Insurance, Big data analytics were also covered.
The last session was conducted by Mr.Charles Carvalho (B.COM,L.L.B.M.B.A) who isa certified
professional in psychometric tests and leadership skills. The session conducted by him was a little
different with useful insights into happy and successful life and tips for choosing the right career.


17th October, 2015

Comedy Of Errors

The comedy of errors conducted by the English Literary Association was held on 17th October, 2015 at Tolani College auditorium from 3:30 p.m. onwards. There were a total of 12 teams from  FYJC and  SYJC along with a few western music renditions. 
      The judges were our own alumni, Miss Musaarat Khan and Mr. Moinuddin Vakil who had won innumerable laurels in drama ,mime and spoofs during their time. The skits were an amalgam of various current topics presented in a satirical manner. The audience had a roaring time watching the hilarious skits. 

15th September, 2015

Creative Writing Competition

A competition in creative writing in the categories of poetry, short story and essay

in which altogether 36 students participated .


12th October, 2013

Comedy of Errors- Skit Competition

12 groups participated in the competition and all the performances were well received by the audience. They covered a range of social as well as family matters spiced with abundance of humour and implied ethics and values.

The alumni , Mr.Shoeb Chaukar and Mr. Robin Arora judged the skit competition  who had won many prizes in drama and street plays in inter collegiate competitions, representing our college.

Group Winners are as follows :-

1st– Latesh Hegde & Group

2ND-Meherzin Balsara & Group

3RD-Shivani Revnakar & Group

BEST ACTOR –  Rohit Saliah  FY-E

BEST ACTRESS-  Rashi Shetty SY-E

BEST COMEDIAN-  Karan Suvarna FY-E

BEST SCRIPT-  Latesh Hegde&Group


1 –  Ian Gonsalves &Group

2 – Dipesh Ankolkar FY-D

3 – Noretha Chettiar FY-E

4 – Ankita Yadav FY-E



17th August, 2013


The prize winners are as follows :-


1st –  Arshad  Shaikh    SY-D

2nd –  Nehal Kothari SY –D

2nd–  Sana Shaikh  SY-D

3rd–  Aasmah Mujawar  SY-E


1st–   Lubaina Bhori   FY-A

2nd–  Asmaa Shaikh  SY-D

3rd–  Marisha Maben  FY-E


1st–  Reena Sanctus  SY-D

2nd–  Ankita Yadare  FY-E

3rd– Ritika Narvekar  SY-C