The association conducts seminars and workshops on current topics and events where professionals from NGOs and other organisations participate. These programmes are interactive with students taking keen interest. It enables the students to improve their presentation, paper reading and debating skills besides their public speaking ability.

The Toppers' talk show and the Budding Teachers competition are the highlights of this association

Convenor :

Ms. Madhavi Apte

Members :

Ms  Femina Amin

Ms. Pooja Jha

Mr. Dilip Dubey
Office Bearers:
Chair Person : Suraj Bangera
Vice-Chairperson : Kajal Solanki
Secretary : Shraddha Shetty
Joint Secretary : Kajal Kavathkar
Treasurer : Sharanjeet Kaur
Joint Treasurer : Sunny Sankla
Recent Activities:
7th December, 2016
Flower Making Competition
This was organised on 7th December 2016.with 16 participants.who made beautiful flowers out of paper ,cloth,ect.
Prize Winners
1st Prize-Omkar Girkar-F.Y.J.C.-B
                 Seonye Pereira -S.Y.J.C.-D
2nd Prize-Ravina Patel -S.Y.J.C.-C
3rd Prize-Tanvi Rane-S.Y.J.C.-A
Consolation Prizes
1st consolation Prize-Alloira Yalangi-S.Y.J.C.-D
2nd Consolation Prize-Neha Tiwari-F.Y.J.C.-D
30th November, 2016
Cartoon making competition
Sketching competition was organised on 30th November2016 with 14 participants from 11th nand 12th standard .

Prize Winners.
1st Prize-Sai Shinde-S.Y.J.C.-C
2nd Prize-Ritika Pandey-S.Y.J.C.-D
3rd Prize-Dipsika Bhowmick-F.Y.J.C.-B
Consolation Prizes
1stConsolation Prize- Karan Gupta-F.Y.J.C.-B
2nd Consolation Prize-Sweta Kotian-F.Y.J.C.-D

14th October, 2016
A talk was organised by Institute for Hotel Management where Mr. Nilesh Rajput,Marketing Manager-ITM group of institute explained

the courses offered by their institute after 12th std. which was attended by 35-40 students.
12th September, 2015
CSWA(Jr.) organised a talk on Introduction To Financial Markets by Mr. Vinay Jadhav .It was attended by approximately sixty students. The main objective of the talk was to explain the basic concepts of money market.
11th July, 2015
A musical programme  along with an interactive session was organised from 4:50p.m. to 6:15p.m. in the college auditorium by LIVE JAM- an organisation creating awareness regarding problems faced by youth i.e. identity crisis, peer pressures etc. The programme was attended by more than 120 students.
17th September, 2013
Budding Teachers Competition
Budding Teachers Competition was held in which about 50 students participated .Students were given a time limit of 3 minutes to present.The Judge for the Competition was our Allumni Mr Hemang Laheru.
The Prize winners sre as follows :-
1st Prize-Gurjyot Khurana (SYJC-D)
2nd Prize-Mishra Devesh (FYJC-E)
3rd Prize-Meherzin Balsara (SYJC-B)
Consolation Prize
1st Prize – Niharika Nagvekar(SYJC-E)
2nd Prize – Pooja Yadav(FYJC-D)
3rd Prize –  Latesh Hegde (FYJC-E)
24th August, 2013
Talk on "Issues related to Social Networking Sites"

A talk was organised for the Junior College Students between 10.30 to 12.00 in the Auditorium.The Speakers for the Programme were as follows:

1.Ms Hema Mehta (Degree College Faculty)

Spoke on cyber laws

2 Mr. Ashwin Mehta (Visiting Faculty of Degree College)

Spoke on the Negative aspects

3. Ms Neha Jadhav (Allumni)

Spoke on  the negative aspects

4. Ms Arjuni Trivedi (Faculty of Self Financing Section)

Spoke on the positive aspects


8th August, 2013
Card making workshop

21st July, 2012

Talk On Who’s Marketing By Sandeep Kumar

04th August, 2012

Workshop On Greeting Card

15th September, 2012

Budding Teachers Competition

The Prize Winners Are As Follows-

1st Prize – Meherzin Balsara

2nd Prize – Shweta Patnaik

3rd Prize – Charanpreet Kaur

Consolation Prizes

1st Prize – Sandhya Shetty

2nd Prize – Shraddha Shetty

3rd Prize – Bhavya Poojari

12th December, 2012

Power Point Presentation Competition

The Prize Winners Are As Follows-

1st Nehal Kothari

2nd Ms Sana Shaikh

3rd  Karan Patel


Ms Deepali Shirgaonkar

20th December, 2012

Talk On Causes And Effects Of Addiction


  September 2011

Talk on career in Hotel Management  and Fashion Designing by the ITM group