• Mr. Isthiyaq Shaikh (Convenor)
  • Mr. Delisha D'Souza
9th July 2016
No. of Participants: 40
F.Y.B.B.I. Orientation programme was organized on 9th of July 2016 in class room no. 517 at 8:00 am. The main objective of orientation program was to orient the parents and students with the college infrastructure, achievements, BBI Program and evaluation pattern. The presentation was done by the students of Second Year on the College infrastructure, facilities and achievements, while the Program coordinator Mr. Ishtiyaq Chiplunkar oriented them on BBI Program and the evaluation pattern.   

15th February, 2016

The BBI ASSOCIATION organised 'Arthavaanh' 2016 on 15th February 2016.The festival was organised by the students of SYBBI and TYBBI .
The festival had three events. i.e Quizania ,Bol Bacchan and Bank summit( Poster competition)
Bol Bacchan:
  • Reena Sandis SYBAF- 1st PRIZE
  • Rashmi Sawant SYBBI 2nd PRIZE

Bank Summit :

  • Nidhi Naik TYBBI- 1st PRIZE
  • Aishwarya Acharya SYBBI – 2nd PRIZE
  • Reshma Phadtate SYBBI – 1st PRIZE
  • Shravan Kumar Prajapati SYBBI – 2nd PRIZE


5th December, 2014

Department of Banking & Insurance has organized a guest lecture for T.Y.B.B.I. and S.Y.B.A.F on 5th December, 2014.
Mr. Bharat Haria, ICICI brach manager with 15 years experience and Mr. Ashish Deshmukh, relationship manager of Andheri Branch came to deliver lecture and share knowledge on various banking functions and schemes. They covered various topics such as what is banking? Talks on RBI, KYC and proof required for KYC, internet banking, core banking, mobile banking, term deposits, saving account, asset and liability and various facilities provided by ICICI bank and how it is different from other bank. Session was interesting and interactive
Speaker: –
1.    Mr. Bharat Haria (Branch Manager – ICICI Bank MIDC Branch)
2.    Mr. Ashish (Sales Executive – ICICI Bank MIDC Branch)
Target Audience:
Students of TYBBI, SYBAF
No. of Audience: – 100

20th January 2014

Report of Talk on Career in Insurance

Department of Banking & Insurance has organized a talk on career in Insurance.

Speaker: –
1.    Mr. V. C. Shode (CEO – Capital Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.)
2.    Mr. Sameer Shinde (AVP – Capital Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.)
3.    Mr. Kartik Mishra (AVP – Capital Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.)
4.    Ms. Bhagyashree Tonpe  (Ex-Student Tolani College of Commerce, working with Capital Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.)
Target Audience:
No. of Audience: – 70

22nd August 2012: Bank Summit

1st Prize:     K.J. Somaiya Arts & Commerce
2nd Prize:    SIES College of Commerce
3rd Prize:     Smt. Jhanki College of Commerce (Kalwa)

22nd August 2012: Poster Display Competition

1st Prize:    SYBBI

2nd Prize:   SYBBI

3rd Prize:    TYBBI

11thJanuary 2012: Bank Summit

1st  Prize                         Sanchyta Mandal & Sagar Poojari

2nd Prize                         Ankit Singh & Laksh Mirchandani

3rd  Prize                         Eshan Pancholi & Kedar Lalwani


11thJanuary 2012: Poster Display Event

1st  Prize                          FYBBI Class

2nd Prize                         SYBBI Class

3rd  Prize                         TYBBI Class



Guest Lectures Organized:

“Micro finance and Financial Inclusion”  by Dr.Seethalekshmy of S.I.E.S. College of Commerce & Economics organised by Department of B.B.I.

“Banking Across the Globe” by Mr. Hasan Sanadi  of Minstry College in Commerce, Oman organised by Department of B.B.I

“Fundamentals of Business Law in Service Sector”  by Ms. Suman Kalani of Pravin Gandhi College of Law organised by Department of B.B.I.