Governing Body

The vision of Tolani College of Commerce is guided by a Governing Body. This body comprises eminent persons who are committed to the success of the College and share the vision that led to the founding of the College.  The Governing Body prioritizes the goals of the College, approves the financial plans, decides on strategic issues and makes policy decisions.

While the Principal of the College is vested with full authority to make all operating decisions, the Principal is provided counsel by the Governing body collectively and by its members individually as needed. The Body also provides counsel to the Advisory CommitteeCollege Development Cell and the School Committee.


  1.  Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik
  2.  Mrs. Papu N. Tolani
  3. Mr. Rohet N. Tolani
  4. Dr. Govind Shahani
  5. Dr. Shyam Bulchandani
  6. Mr. Kishin C. Chhablani
  7. Mr. Gobind Hingorani

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee comprises academicians, senior executives from industry and Principal of the College.  The role of the Committee is to steer the College academic policy, guide the execution of academic initiatives and monitor the effectiveness of the College academic system. The Committee also deliberates on financial and administrative matters of the College.


  1. Dr. Sujata A. Naik Tolani – Chairperson
  2. Dr. Govind S. Shahani
  3. Mr. R. Kumar
  4. Dr. Vijaya Krishna – I/c. Principal

College Development Cell


    1. Dr. Sujata Naik – Tolani Chairperson
    2. Dr. G. S. Shahani Secretary, Tolani Education Society
    3. Dr. Vasudev P. Iyer Head of the Department, Business Economics,

           (Members Nominated by the Principal-)

    1. Ms. J. Shalini H. Kumar Representative, Teaching Staff
    2. Dr. Hema Mehta Representative, Teaching Staff
    3. Ms. Jyoti Ghosh Representative, Teaching Staff
    4. Ms. Rashmi Agashe Representative, Non-Teaching Staff
    5. Dr. Madhav Welling Local Member in the field of Education
    6. Dr. Vivek Patkar Local Member in the field of Research
    7. Mr. Bhagat Negi Local Member in the field of Industry & Alumni
    8. Ms. Yasmin Bhadha Local Member in the field of Social Service
    9. Ms. Dhanashree Joshi Co-ordinator, College IQAC
    10. President and Secretary of the College Students’ Council

        14. Dr. Vijaya Krishna Principal of the College, Member-             Secretary

School Committee

This Committee has been constituted as per the requirement of the Secondary School Code of the Government of Maharashtra. The committee consists of the Principal, the Vice Principal and representatives from the Management and the Junior College Faculty.  The objectives of the School Committee are to review, guide and monitor the academic and other programmes, discuss the budget and deliberate on any other matters related to the Junior College.


  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sujata A. Naik – Tolani(Member, Governing Body, Tolani College of Commerce)
  2.   Dr. G.S. Shahani(Secretary, Tolani Education Society)
  3. I/c. Principal Dr. Vijaya Krishna                                                (Head of the Institution)
  4. Ms. Melba Maxon D’silva                                              (Representative, teaching staff)

Dr. Nandlal P. Tolani

The partition of India in 1947 changed the lives of millions of people. Nandlal Pribhdas Tolani, born into a family of landlords, was one of them. He had gone the previous year to the United States to pursue post graduate studies in Agriculture at Cornell University, USA in line with the family agricultural business in Sind. He returned to the new India, bereft of the wealth that was,   and a question mark for a career.

After a short stint with a firm of civil engineering contractors, Nandlal Tolani started his own contracting business which grew to undertake the construction   of large earthen dams for irrigation projects. Commitment to technology and a determination to excel paved the path to his becoming the pre-eminent builder   of earthen dams in Western India.

In 1963, seeking a new challenge, he returned to his alma mater, Cornell University to pursue studies for Ph.D. at the age of 39 and achieved this feat        in a record 22 months. He was inspired by a new vision for his business and       set himself the task of building a professional and financially solid enterprise.

In the mid 1960’s, he entered shipping business which today is considered as    one of the leading shipping companies. The group’s strategy for shipping  business is embodied in the systems established by the management in the interest of maintaining superior quality in all facets of operations. It is therefore, not surprising that the Tolani Group was the first Indian bulk carrier operator      whose safety and quality assurance systems were approved to ISM and               ISO 9000 standards.

Complementing his entrepreneurial drive is his commitment to education and love for sports.

In 1989, Dr.N.P.Tolani founded the Tolani College of Commerce in Mumbai.

Continuing his commitment to education, he set up the Tolani Maritime Institute in Induri near Pune in 1998. He holds the distinction of this being the first private sector maritime institute in the country. The Institute annually adds about 300 marine engineers and navigating officers to the merchant navy. In recognition of his unparalleled contribution towards the development of Indian Maritime sector, more so in the area of maritime education and training, he was bestowed with the prestigious “Varuna Award” in the year 2002 by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India.

Dr. Tolani maintains close links with his alma mater Cornell University. He has endowed the Nandlal Tolani Senior Professorship in International Trade Policy. This Professorship is designed to “ensure that future graduates of Cornell have the opportunity to gain unique perspective on international business and trade with focus on Asia. This endowment will be especially helpful in that it provides not only for a Senior Professorship but also for the recruitment of an outstanding graduate Fellow from India. Both can be expected to establish significant and lasting ties to academic, business and government leadership in India”.

On the sports front, he is an accomplished bridge player; he has won national championships and represented India in the 1978 Bridge Olympiad. An avid sailor, he has won many a yacht race and has sailed on numerous occasions from Bombay to Goa and back.

More than his achievements in business, he measures his success by his sustainable contribution to the social fabric of his country. He is a true visionary.